Saturday, November 29, 2003

it's a sickness, i tell you!

got maya's hat finished, and started keala's. don't know how her family will feel about that since it's pretty clear that i'm not their favorite person, but oh well. i will still get or make them gifts too. they can be hateful if they want to. that's not what christmas is about.

jalen looks adorable in his hat! mom's batteries for her digital camera needed to be recharged but she will take pix before vaughn and them leave and send them to me :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

more FOs and more on the needles

got arianna's hat and purse finished. washed hers and daja's since some of the yarn was a little dirty. they washed and dried beautifully. maybe this weekend i'll wrap them and get them ready to be mailed.

jalen will be here this week. can't wait to see him in his little hat!

i started rolled-brim hats for maya and keala. it's a good way to use my purple and lavender yarns since it's both of their favorite colors. can't wait to see the finished products! may do purses to match their hats too, depending on how much yarn is leftover.

Saturday, November 22, 2003


finished daja's hat today. it is adorable! i think i'm going to make her a matching purse with the leftover yarn. just 2 granny squares (bigger than the ones in her hat) attached together, and of course a strap. i decided to knit arianna's. hers will be like jalen's, only in shades of purple.

i'm so proud of myself. i had a dropped stitch and i fixed it! i had to un-knit half a row to get back to the right spot, but i fixed it :-)

Friday, November 21, 2003

first knitting guild meeting

last night's knitters guild meeting was lots of fun. there were a bunch of women there, all knitting some wonderful looking stuff. i ended up having to start kohy's hat over because the 2nd shade of gray i wanted to use was a different thickness than the one i started with and it didn't look right. i tried to un-knit it, but that didnt work and i ended up making a big mess so i just chucked it and started over with a different gray yarn. i might try to put a stripe of a darker gray in it. we'll see how it goes. :-)

going to nyki's in a little while to knit and crochet the afternoon away...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

new on the needles

started granny square hats for daja and arianna. daja's is shades of pink; ari's will be shades of light purple. verrrrrry cute!

had crochet club tonight. it was fun to see what everyone is working on.

today, i started this hat for kohy. it will be 2 shades of gray. i hope he likes it. i want to start this one tomorrow at knitting guild, except i will make it on straight needles the way i did jalen's. it will require sewing a seam at the end but that's no big deal :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


i finished jalen's hat this evening! on one row tward the end, i was supposed to knit, but i purled. left it alone, and it has a nice little "ridge" near the top of the hat. i passed on doing the I-Cord, but it's still verrrry cute. will take a pic soon!

now i need something else to work on :-)

the yarn pile keeps growing and growing and...

yesterday: got a box of craft yarn from ebay. splitting with nyki and valerie.
today: got a huge box of yarn from ebay. splitting with nyki and valerie.
today: emailed a knitlister about a big "potluck pile" of yarn she wants to give away, only for the cost of shipping.

i have enough yarn as it is to keep me knitting and crocheting for a long, long time :-)

Monday, November 17, 2003


yesterday i got christopher's scarf all finished and ready to send. no pix, unfortunately, because i don't have a digital camera (yet).

got jalen's hat started last night too. i'm doing it in a rainbow variegated yarn, and i think it will be without earflaps. he lives in southern cali; probably the only time he'll wear it is when he comes to ohio in the winter LOL

Friday, November 14, 2003

and so it begins...

getting close to finishing my first scarf. the one for christopher. damn those ravens.

... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...