Thursday, June 30, 2011

There are bunnies in there, I swear!

I might have just bought about 32 oz of this pretty Shetland Humbug fiber from International Fleeces.

32 oz of fiber should be enough to make a sweater's worth of yarn, depending, of course, on how it's spun.   For some reason, I'm obsessing about having at least enough spinning fiber for a sweater.  I know that I have enough fiber to spin yarn for 3 sweaters and that's just the fiber that I have bought in the past month.  There's also the smaller amounts that I've picked up here and there over the years.  And since I got my beautiful spinning wheel, the fiber stash has multiplied like crazy. Good thing that spinning and knitting are pretty much my "main" hobbies, else I'd be in big trouble (Oh but there is that pesky genealogy project that I just started  ...).  One of my goals for 2012 is to spin yarn for a sweater AND knit a sweater from that yarn.  Right now I have 3 fibers to choose from:  this pretty Shetland Humbug; a beautiful Romney/mohair blend and some Lincoln that I got for such a great price I just couldn't leave it there.  I sometimes think that I'm enjoying spinning a wee bit more than knitting, but that has to be just a phase since my lovely wheel is so new.  Right?  that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

All that to say that I must find time to knit and spin more, and figure out how to do it all faster!  One of my knitting friends is so prolific.  Every time I see her (which is a couple times a week) she's got a project finished and another one on the needles.   I always ask her, "How do you DO that?"  She says, "I'm retired!"  Man, I need to retire so that I can have more time for hobbies and other things I love.

But since I can't do that for at least another 3 or so decades, I better get moving and head to work.  

Bye for now!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tour de Fleece fiber

I've just about decided which fibers to spin/ply for Tour de Fleece 2011:

* I have 3 different colors of roving that I dyed a couple months ago. One is a hot pink, one is a neon green and the other is a bluish purple. I think I will try to spin/ply them all together and hopefully get something kind of Noro-esque. (EDITED TO ADD:  I think this fiber is out!  I started spinning a bit of it, just to see how it would turn out.  It appears that the fiber felted slightly during dyeing and is a little hard to work with.  I will keep working on it until TdFleece  -- as "training" -- but it will not be part of the competition.) (EDITED AGAIN TO ADD PHOTO)

* Last month at the Great Lakes Fiber Show I took a spinning class with Carol McFadden (she has an Etsy shop called feistywomandesigns). She made some batts in shades of blue that she calls "Eboni's Blues" (yep, after me!) I bought 8 oz of that and can't wait to spin it up. See the photo. Pretty, huh? (N.B.: This is Carol's photo, not mine)

* I was able to get my hands on some Corriedale from Hello Yarn fiber club from Feb 2010. The colorway is called Seasick ... Blues, browns and golden yellows.

* And finally, a superwash merino/bamboo blend from Fiber Optic Yarns in the colorway Besame Mucho.

I'm not sure what else might end up in my TdF queue, but I want to get started NOW!!!!!



Friday, June 24, 2011

It's time for Tour de Fleece!!!

It's nearly time for the Tour de France, which means it's also nearly time for the Tour de Fleece!  This is an annual event where spinners (of yarn, that is) spin during each day of the Tour de France.  I've joined up with a few different teams already and am in the process of setting this year's TdFleece goals:

  1. Spin (and ply?) about 3oz of Corriedale wool top in the colorway "Seasick" from Hello Yarn fiber club (from February 2010)
  2. Spin (and ply?) about 4 oz of Merino in the colorway "Winning Colors" from Tuscan Grove 
  3. Spin (and ply?) about 4 oz of merino/bamboo from Fiber Optic Yarns
My "training" in the next several days will be to finish the last 2 oz of a very nice Tussah silk/merino blend that will eventually become a nice hand-knitted something as a gift for my boyfriend's mother.  Maybe a cowl, depending on yardage once it's all plied up. Here's a pic of what it looks like:

Tussah/merino singles 061811

But now, I'm going to get out of the house with my honey for a few mins, then settle in for some spinning and Dr. Who once we get home.


Monday, June 06, 2011

Play ball!

I'm at the Cleveland Indians game! There's an event called Stitch n Pitch where knitters and crocheters spend an evening at the baseball game. It's loads of fun and I have attended for the past couple of years.  Tonight the first place Indians are playing the Minnesota Twins. Let's hope the Tribe pulls out a win. So far so good ... we just got a quick 3 outs. Line 'em up and knock 'em down, boys!

Oberlin colors!

I promise to post real soon about my brand new spinning wheel (Majacraft Suzie Pro) but for now I'll just show you the small sample of maroon and gold merino that I spun up last night, er, early this morning. Maroon and gold are Oberlin's school colors. This superwash merino is from Tuscan Grove and is called Winning Colors. The colors are separate and I wanted rises how they'd look spun separately and then plied together. Whaddya think? Unfortunately I didn't spin up enough to knit a sample but I think it'll look cool as socks, perhaps. What would you knit with it?

I'm writing this big as I eat breakfast, and now it's time to nice into high gear and get ready for work. Have a great Monday!


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