Wednesday, April 28, 2004

long time, no beanie

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almost done with my brother's first london beanie. i've been taking these pix with the camera in my cell phone...they're not the best but they get the point across. this one is black with 2 gray stripes and 1 white stripe. i hope to finish this tonight and start another one in brown with tan and eggshell stripes.

then i will whip up a red, black and green wristband for my honeybear. not sure why he wants it but he does so i'll make it for him. and i really will start a sweater for my nephew this week too. GOT to get started on those christmas presents :-)

and about that sock...

i've had to rip out the heel flap several times. aaarrrrgggghhh. that's what i get for trying to work on it while watching tv or doing whatever else. as soon as i finish the pair (yes i'm still on the FIRST ONE!) i'm going to give them to my grandmother. her feet get cold at night, and these socks are thick and warm so they should keep her feet toasty! i hope she doesn't mind the psychedelic rainbow colors :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

new project

well here's the beginning of that london beanie i finally got started for my brother:

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i've gotten the k2p1 ribbing done, and it's plain knitting from here on out. should be pretty easy! the only thing i'm not sure how to do when knitting on circs is changing colors, but i can get help with that. it's black so the picture isn't all that interesting, but i will be using gray and white as contrast colors. should turn out very nice.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

knitting and knitting...

i started that london beanie for my brother, with the suggested needle size. got a few rounds of ribbing done and realized that the hat was TOO small to fit anyone but a young child. i cast on again with bigger needles but instead of dpns they were circs that were too long for my purposes. sheesh. i'm gonna get me a set of interchangeables. either boye needlemaster or denise interchangeables. i got 100+ pairs/sets of knitting needles and don't have the right stuff to make this blasted hat for my bro. bummer.

in other news i started the heel flap on this sock. or should i say "hell flap" LOL i was supposed to be making the "leg" part of the sock about 7-8" but got bored so i decided to quit at 6" and start the heel. this whole project is -really- just to get an idea of how to make a sock. although i imagine i will go ahead and make another one so i'll at least have a pair. i'll wear 'em around the house or something.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

starting over...

last night i found the patience to learn how to use double pointed needles.

i'm not making anything particular...just practicing getting used to dpns. ultimately i'd like to make christmas stockings and socks or mittens for my nieces and nephew. it's april...methinks 8 months is plenty of time to learn to make socks and mittens.

JWJ challenged me to knit him a pair of boxer shorts. believe it or not, i'm going to! i found queer joe's knitting blog and he has just the pattern i was searching for!

going on the needles

my baby brother (well i'm the oldest of 5 so all my brothers are baby brothers) wants a london beanie. so i'm gonna make him two. one black, grey and white, the other brown, cream and tan. they should turn out pretty good! i'll post pix of my progress. now, i need to go check on the casserole that's in the oven!

* * *

alrighty then. casserole turned out great!

i tried several times to cast on for that london beanie i mentioned earlier. of all the hundreds of pairs of knitting needles i have, i DON'T have size 7 in either circular or double points. i tried doing it with size 8 plastic dpns but they're too long for my taste, and too slippery. so guess what i'll be buying tomorrow? size 7 in circ AND dp

double points

well i mustered up enough patience to figure out how to use double pointed needles (dpns). i'm trying to get comfortable with them so that i can start making stockings, socks and mittens for my nieces and nephew. i'm getting the hang of it, but i somehow got the stitches on the first row twisted. take a look: double points close up

... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...