Sunday, April 24, 2005

i'm baaaaaack!

happy sunday, friends!

i am sorry to have been away for so long, but as you know life has been a wee bit hectic over the last few weeks. i am mostly settled in to my new apartment. i still need a few pieces of furniture but i'm taking my time and shopping around so i can get exactly what i want. i've got my eye on a two-tone black and brown dining set. will fit nicely in the dining room, and will go with whatever accessories i may get in the future. too bad i don't have a picture to show you.

i have not knitted a stitch in several weeks. i still have my clapotis not quite to the straight section and i've only got less than an inch knitted on the first of my red socks. i will make time for knitting this week, promise!

this must be a short post, i have to finish cleaning and laundry. not my favorite way to spend a sunday afternoon, but it's cold and snowy (can't believe this after a week of temps in the 60s and 70s!) and the cleaning must get done. it would be less likely to get done if the weather was nice, don'tcha know!

enjoy the rest of the weekend, and i promise not to stay away so long again!

... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...