Wednesday, September 05, 2007

pics ... just like i promised

so ya wanna see pictures of my most recent projects, do ya? well, here they are!

first up, the knitted log cabin blanket that i finished a couple of weeks ago. isn't it a beauty? it's all washed and folded and stored away in my "stash" of baby stuff :-)


next, the log cabin blanket that i'm crocheting.

this is a close-up of the center square. it's about 7 inches square and i've stitched on 3 flowers that i crocheted.

and this is the most recent picture of the whole blanket. it's a little bit bigger now, though. i hope that this will be between 36" and 48" square when it's all finished. i was thinking i would crochet more flowers to stitch randomly on the blanket. but we'll see how it goes.

that's it for now, friends. it's way past dinner time so i better get a move-on.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

thinking about winter ... already?!

good grief, i know it's only early september, but i'm already thinking about winter knitting/crocheting. besides the half-ton of baby stuff that i'm going to work on (including log cabin blanket #2), i think i will FINALLY make myself a hot water bottle cozy. i first got hip to using hot water bottles to warm the bed when i spent a semester in london back in the dark ages (okay well it was only 1996). it was fall semester and i was there from early september thru late december, right before christmas. dude, those england winters are COLD...makes ohio seem almost balmy! anyway, i soon figured out that a hot water bottle filled with hot hot hot water and wrapped in a towel really helps keep a girl warm all thru the night, and even allowed me to keep sleeping in my birthday suit (okay maybe that was an overshare!). seems like every year around this time, i get a little "london-sick" and nostalgic about the awesome time i had there. a hot water bottle cozy is a lot sexier than a towel so i think i'll make it my business to make one. i thought i'd share some of the knit and crochet patterns available on the web:

BAWK hot water bottle cozy

Felted hot water bottle cover

Hot Water!

Hot Water Bottle Cover (craftbits)

Hot Water Bottle Cozy (blue sky alpacas)

Tartan hot water bottle cover (Panda Yarns)

Toasty Cosy

well, then, now i should get back to watching the sound of music (which is one of my very favorite movies!) good night, friends, and happy knitting!


... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...