Saturday, December 27, 2008

charity knitting 2009

earlier today, i was surfing ravelry and searched for groups that focus on charity knitting & crocheting. i found one called the bridge project (ravelry link), which focuses on providing warm items (hats, scarves, gloves/mittens) to homeless people who live under bridges in central ohio. remember that i said i specifically wanted my efforts to benefit people locally and i thought this was a perfect way to do that. the goal is to provide at least 100 scarves and 100 hats, but hopefully this will be an ongoing effort. in addition to hats and scarves, i may also consider knitting socks as well, since y'all know sock knitting is one of my passions :-)

in any case, i'm happy to have decided on a charity project and i can't WAIT to get started. for more info, and keep tabs on how many items have been made and donated so far, check out the blog.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

plans for 2009

last week i decided that 2009 will be the year that i actually DO some charity knitting and not just TALK about doing charity knitting. to facilitate this plan, i also decided that every friday will be dedicated to ONLY charity knitting. some of my knitting friends and i meet up for knitting on most fridays anyway, so i already have chunks of time set aside. by the end of this year i will identify and contact an organization who would like to receive hand knits. although i'm not opposed to doing this for a regional or national organization, i'd rather that this effort be directed to giving back on a local level. so far i'm interested in:
    Homeless Families Foundation: a family shelter in Columbus, Ohio which provides shelter and support services for homeless families and an extensive tutoring and enrichment program for homeless and at-risk school age children.

i'll keep y'all posted on other organizations that make my list, and which one i ultimately choose!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas crafting

as you all may remember, a few years ago i started a "tradition" of making dishcloths for my mom. earlier this year i had the bright idea of making cloths with a "snowflake" theme. so yeah, it's like 2 weeks until christmas and i've only got one cloth done. here it is:

i think this one is more doily-like but still very pretty. i wouldn't be surprised if this one never sees water! anyway, i'm working on another and would like to give her a set of 6 for christmas. think i can make the deadline? i live in hope!!


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