Sunday, February 26, 2006

it only took nearly a year...

but red sock #1 is done! here is proof:

and believe it or not, i actually started #2!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

i swear to GOD!!!

if i have to rip that stupid hot water bottle cover ONE MORE TIME i'm gonna scream. the good thing is that now i should have pretty much figured the damn thing out. the funny thing is that the challenge for me is supposed to be knitting from a chart but the chart part is actually easy.

enough for tonight. my hand hurts and i'm sleepy.

ps -- don't you just LOVE grey's anatomy??!

what is WRONG with me??!

i can't seem to read this pattern properly to save my life! i was making pretty good progress but didn't read the instructions correctly for where to increase. sigh. guess this isn't meant to happen today!!! i'm already like 2 days behind. maybe it's hormonal. maybe i just need ice cream. maybe i shoulda done a bit of olympic training. i'll go cast on again...AFTER i re-read the directions!

woo hoo!

looks like i got my comments working again. there was something wrong with the code i think. what i did was create a new blog, copy the comments code, paste that into the code for this blog and tada! methinks it worked. that fake blog has been properly deleted and now y'all can comment to your heart's content!

back to laundry and knitting :-)

rip it baby!

so yeah. i started my knitting olympics project today instead of yesterday, and had to rip it like 3 times already. the first time, i started the ribbing with k2 instead of p2 like the pattern said. rrriiiiipppp. the second time i didn't keep track of where i was in the pattern and got lost cuz i forgot that the chart i'm knitting from only shows odd-numbered rows. rrrriiiippppppp. the third time i didn't do my increases where i was supposed to do my increases. rrrrrrriiiiiipppppppppppp. damn and double damn.

so f*ck it. i put the needles down, turned the tv off and came to type up a quick blog entry before i take my tired ass to bed. shoulda just come home right after my 2pm massage and taken a nap, which was my original plan. when i wake up and decide to get out of bed tomorrow, i shall try again.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

let the games begin!

I am so exited. Today I went to buy yarn for my Knitting Olympics project.

Hmmm, I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago. Suppose my body and brain would mind terribly if i stayed up another hour so I can cast on at midnight? :-)

... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...