Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tour de Fleece update

I have been a spinning machine for the past 2 days.  Tour de Fleece started yesterday ... here's what I've done so far:

TdF 070211 - Day 1

Fiber: Tussah silk/merino blend  from Ashland Bay (I think it was called "Blues")
Purchased from: SlimChicken on Etsy
Spun on: Majacraft Suzie Pro
I had spun this fiber up into singles before the Tour began, so Day 1 was spent plying.  I washed it today to set the twist, etc and it is drying.

TdF Day 2 - 070311

Fiber: Corriedale top from Hello Yarn Fiber Club (Feb 2010)
Colorway: Seasick
Purchased from: someone on Ravelry
Spun on: Majacraft Suzie Pro
Yardage: to be determined after plying
I finished spinning this yarn into singles and will find time to ply later this week, perhaps.  I think it will be very cool once it's plied.

TdF Day 2 - 070311
I dug this pretty fiber out of my stash and HAD to start spinning it.  It looks like this so far:
TdF Day 2 - 070311

Fiber: Optim from Chameleon Colorworks  Dyeworks & Fiber Studio, 4oz.
Purchased from: French Creek Fiber Arts, September 2009
Colorway: Flaming Sunrise
Spun on: Majacraft Suzie Pro
It is so much fun to spin.  Optim is merino wool that has been stretched and then set.  The resulting fiber is finer than merino and looks like silk, but has the properties of wool. How cool is that?  I need to get some more of this stuff!

That's what I've been up to.  Now time for a little R&R (reading and relaxing) before bed so I can rest up for another spinning session tomorrow.  G'night!


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