Sunday, February 27, 2005

another FO!

look at the petal cloth i made for my DRU swap partner! i had fun doing short rows. yes, it's nearly 3am but i think i am going to start another cloth. now...let me find a pattern :-)

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Thursday, February 24, 2005


you didn't leave your email address so i couldn't write you and let you know about the LYS in columbus where you can get yarn by the ounce...

it's called phillips yarn shop and it's on cleveland ave. just north of morse rd. the address is: 4509 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH 43231 phone: 614-476-3942. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


you know that seed stitch scarf i was making for jay's mother, amy? well, i like seed stitch but i hate making it :-) soo....threw it in the frog pond because i will make her a scarf-size clapotis instead! i haven't actually started it yet, but i will...after i finish mine. i'm still working on the increases on it, and it's coming along nicely. maybe i'll work on it some more tonight during american idol.

speaking of which, what was UP with those women last night? i thought 3 of them were excellent. a few were pretty good and the rest were like "YUCK!" maybe it was the songs they chose, but some of them just did not sound good to me at all.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

short rows are cool

yeah. so for that dishcloth exchange i decided i wanted to learn to do short rows so i could make a pretty round cloth. here's what i have so far. neat, huh?

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yeah i'm hard-headed. so what?

[ mood meter -- tired. borderline cranky. ]

yes, i know i don't need to start any new projects. i've already got a buncha projects on the needles. but i signed up for a DRU cloth exchange for march and decided to start a cloth for that. i'm making a pretty petal cloth. i figure, it will help me learn how to do short rows, which i've never done AND it will give me a head start on my exhange. that's a good thing, right? riiiiiiiight.

i was talking to my momma today and we decided we're going to have a party when our girl martha stewart gets outta prison. that will be fun. fancy food. pretty flower arrangements. starched table linens. our men will surely thing we have lost our minds. but what's new? :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

just call me "the sista from another planet"

i guess i've always been kinda "out there" -- and here's proof:

You Are From Venus

You love all forms of beauty. You love dressing up and anything luxurious.
A social butterfly, you're incredibly popular and a great host.
You're known for your fairness and affection. And as a friend to all.
Careful though! Your desire to please may make you too willing to conform.
Be yourself. Focus on what matters to you. You'll be all the more popular for it.

look at her now

i am so stoked about my clapotis! look how pretty she is! i frogged and fixed whatever mistake i i'm going great. i've only completed 2 repeats of the increase section, 4 and a half more repeats left before i start the straight section. can't wait to start droppin those stitches. sorry for the fuzziness of the pic; i can't find the cable that would let me transfer pics from the digital camera to the computer. :-(

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i've been making more comfortghan squares for DRU. this batch will have a lot of scarlet and gray, in anticipation of my upcoming interview at The Ohio State University Libraries. i'm excited...and nervous...and anxious...but mostly excited. the interview is on 1 march so if you could spare a few extra good vibes, i'd appreciate it. i'll even return the favor and pass some good vibes on to someone else. it's all about keeping the karma good :-)

i better get going. gonna hang out with mom and SIL. i don't really wanna but i guess i better so that i don't get accused of being anti-social. me? anti-social? yeah sometimes. i mean today is a perfect day to sit and knit knit knit!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

rip it, baby!

[ mood meter -- eh. comme ci, comme ca ]
[ what i'm listenin' to -- the IT guys working on a coworker's computer ]


last night, i had to rip out the few rows i had completed on my clapotis.
the set up rows were done; i was doing the increase section and
somewhere along the way ended up with the wrong number of stitches at
the end of a row.  that's what i get for trying to watch law and order
while doing this thing.  plus i was using some outrageously long
straight needles which were just totally in the way.  my denise circs
are all tied up in the round baby blanket i'm making so i couldn't use
them...they would be ideal.   i -knew- i should have ordered 2 sets!  i
will definitely get another one soon.

i should be able to get at least 2 hours of knitting time in tonight.
can't WAIT!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

tag...i'm it!

my girl gena over at off the hook awesome crochet tagged mz with a lil v-day questionnaire. yay!

1. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other?

usually we go to our favorite restaurant, but we didn't go this time. :-(

2. What is the best gift you have ever rec'd?

a dozen red roses. and a floofy red teddy bear. and of course, chocolate. how freakin' romantic is that?

3. Describe your best Valentine date?

see question #1. it's always wonderful there. we get SO full and have a great time. and plenty of good wine on top of all that makes for some good, um, dessert when we get home. oooh did i say that?

4. Did you pass out Valentine cards to your classmates as a child?

heck yeah! i thought about doing it at work this year but decided not to.

5. What is your favorite Valentine's decor? (hearts, cupids, etc)

hmmm...hearts hearts hearts (red ones, of course)...those little conversation candies...teddy bears...

"hey mikey! he likes it!"

(y'all remember those commercials for life cereal, don'tcha?)

i finally finished jay's irish hiking scarf about 1am. i gave it to him...he loves it. i'm happy he does. of course i had to give it to him on a day that's damn near 60 degrees. but i hear it's supposed to snow tomorrow. hey, it's ohio, whaddya want?

since that's all done, that means....i can start my clapotis tonight!!!! YAY!! last week i had to hide the yarn cuz it was sitting there...calling to me. i know i'm not the only one whose yarn can talk to them :-) i also have to work on the round baby blanket for my amiga. target finish date for that is 2 weeks from today, which would be (mz checks her calendar)... march 1. baby is due march 9 i think. AND...i found out on saturday that one of my bestest friends in the world is pregnant with her 3rd baby. looks like mz will have to go buy some (more) baby-appropriate yarn. woo hoo!

can't wait to get home. knit knit knit...knit knit knit...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

before you go to the goodwill...

...consider turning your old stuff into pillows! check out this magazine i found.

lookie here!

one of my fiber friends made these stitch markers for me to use on my clapotis....whenever i get around to starting it. aren't they purty? they are pink -- which is mysteriously moving up on my list of favorite colors :-) anyone who knows me knows my very favoritest color in the world is RED.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i am SO geeked!

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i've been jonesin' to knit clapotis for months. but i decided that i will NOT, i repeat, i will NOT, start anything else until i finish something. it's so hard to actually stick to that but i'm doin' it. so far. i only have like less than 18" left on the irish hiking scarf and can't wait to finish it, ideally in time for valentine's day. in my impatience, i was diggin' around in my stash today, looking for enough of something to make clapotis. wellllll i found it! i have over 55 ounces of a pretty variegated blue yarn. some no-name acrylic stuff (probably red heart) that i bought a few weeks ago from one of my LYS that only sells cotton and acrylic yarns by the ounce, and with no labels. swear to god. but there's usually tons of everything, and it's cheap enough. like someone said, acrylic has its place in the world. but i digress. the yarn was pretty, i had to have all of it, and i knew the perfect pattern would come along. clapotis is IT, baby!

my cell phone camera does not do it justice. it's got aqua and turquoise and lavender and lighter lavender...very calm. calm clapotis. can't WAIT!

if you are as in love with this as a lot of people are, you might consider joining the clapotis knitalong!

Monday, February 07, 2005

SUCH a good idea!

yo. it's almost period-time, and one of these would be an absolute, honest-to-goodness, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die LIFESAVER!
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Friday, February 04, 2005

not one of the "cool" kids

[ mood meter -- sick ]
[ what i'm listenin' to -- some folks having a meeting in the conference room ]

okay so lately i've seen these memes going around the web on various sites, particularly on the various crafty blogs i often read. apparently how it works is that you get "tagged" by someone, so you answer the questions as they relate to you, then you "tag" someone else, yada yada yada.

apparently, mz is not one of the "cool" kids -- she has yet to be tagged by someone! it's alright though. mz is pretty thick-skinned and knows it ain't personal. and just to prove i'm a good sport, i might just start my very own meme this weekend...provided i'm feeling better.

... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...