Wednesday, August 22, 2007

log cabin fever

you know how in my last post i said i wasn't going to do another log cabin blanket? i lied. big time. i started another one last night, only it's crocheted. it's turning out sooo well so far. i started with a 7" afghan square, and i made 3 cute flowers that i stitched on to it. then i just started picking up stitches and crocheting a 7-row block, turned and crocheted another 7-row block, and on and on. it's turning out great so far. i don't have any pix yet but as soon as i get a little further along i'll post some. it's going into my pile of baby stuff, and it's definitely "girly." i'm nowhere near pregnant yet but whenever it happens i will be ready :-)

maybe i'll go crochet a little more on it while i watch judge judy. i'd love to go outside and pull weeds but it's like 90 degrees with 60% humidity. so i'm planting myself on the couch until the sun goes down!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

log cabin baby blanket -- DONE!

last night i finally finished the log cabin baby blanket that i started in january!!!! woo hoo!!! i ended up not making it as big as i wanted to, but it's still a generous size for a baby ... i think it's at least 2.5 feet square. AND i have plenty of pastels and other baby-appropriate yarn left over so i can start making another blanket ... but NOT a log cabin :-) i tossed it in the laundry as soon as i bound off the last stitch and it smells so fresh and cuddly. almost makes me wanna go get pregnant right now. almost.

but for now, i have some work to do, then maybe a quick run to the grocery. i'm SO SAD that my research leave is over this week. it's almost time to get back to reality, and I'M NOT READY!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my first afghan square design!

dude, i am SO excited about this. i've been wanting to design this square for quite some time now and just got around to doing it last night. making the chart was easy, and i'm really happy that the actual crocheted square looks just like it's supposed to :-) i feel like a proud mama!

i am planning to whip up a ton of these in scarlet and gray and stitch them together into an afghan. i will keep the first one for myself (or maybe as a gift) and then make others to sell/donate to charity/give as gifts, etc. with all the OSU fans around here, that should be easy to do. GO BUCKEYES!!!

but for now, back to reading. break is over!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

i'm in vegas, baby!

hi friends!

i'm in las vegas for a conference of natural resources librarians ... yay! this is a really good meeting; it's small so it's a good place to give presentations, etc. matter of fact, i gave my first professional presentation yesterday afternoon!!

having a great time this year, like last year. my best friend flew up to meet me for the weekend and we're having fun. a little gambling, a little shopping. i'm wondering if i should make tracks for a LYS sometime before i leave on Tuesday evening. i really don't need to add to my stash but it couldn't hurt to pick up a little fiber souvenir or memento.....

tonight we're meeting up with some of my friend's friends for dinner at harrah's buffet, flavors. yummmmm! last year we stuffed ourselves with crab legs, among other things so i'm looking forward to an evening of gluttony and oblivion!!

but now, i gotta run and learn some neat stuff about web 2.0 technologies. ciao for now...


... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...