Friday, November 14, 2008

yeah, so, about the kitty ...

i took tiger to the vet a couple weeks ago and she checked out just fine. BUT. last week she all of a sudden stopped using her litterbox, and was using my bathroom floor (and occasionally the livingroom carpet) as her own personal bathroom. i thought she was mad at me about something! after asking other cat people i know (and of course a little internet research) i figured out that maybe she has a urinary tract infection. so back to the vet we went. BUT. it was just my luck that i couldn't get a pee sample from her when i freakin' NEEDED one! anyway, vet prescribed a liquid antibiotic. you ever try to give meds to a cat? not fun. the first couple of days my neighbor came to help. yes, it took both of us to get the meds in. she held the cat and got her to open her mouth, and i had to be quick on the draw to squirt the meds in. today i got wise and figured out that she really likes this particular brand of canned food so i gave her a little with the meds mixed in. she fell for it ... hook, line and sinker!! so now that's how i do it. a little canned food, a dropper full of meds and no drama. meantime, she's already feeling better and back to using the box again. AND i figured out that she didn't care for that fancy-schmancy crystal litter i was using. she'd use it but she wouldn't cover! so yesterday i switched to some regular, store-brand litter and it works like a charm too. she pooped in the box real early this morning (i know because i'm a light sleeper and i wake up when she's in there), and whaddya know? she covered, there was no poop odor wafting all over my place, and i was a happy enough that i could go back to sleep for a little while :-)

and actually, i am going to call it a night right. funny how working a short week actually feels way longer than a regular sized week. i'm beat, and i ought to go to bed so i can get up and straighten up a bit before some knitting friends come over.

'night, dudes!


... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...