Monday, January 29, 2007

finally started my "baby" stash

okay so y'all know that for the longest time i've been talking about starting a stash of baby items for the baby(ies) that i don't have yet. well i have FINALLY started! on saturday night/early sunday morning i started a log cabin blanket out of pastel-colored yarns from my stash. see?

my grandmother went to the ER yesterday due to some stomach pain/nausea, as well as lack of appetite, etc. i went with my mom to take her and boy am i glad i took my knitting with me! we were there for nearly 12 hours. yes, you read that right TWELVE hours. waiting. talking to doctors. waiting some more. getting tests done. waiting for results. talking to nurses. waiting for another doctor. it was maddening. when we got there though i only had the first 3 sections complete (the middle square, the purple "log" and the blue "log"). 12 hours later (not knitting nonstop, of course), i've gotten this far. even one of the nurses commented on how pretty it is! i'm excited. i'm way far from having children but i'll just keep this in my "baby stash" until the time comes. or maybe i'll end up giving it to someone who needs it more than i do. in any case, it's a great stash-buster project and i'm really excited about it! any ideas on how big to make it? my mom says 5 ft. square. i say 3 or 4 should be sufficient. what do you think? maybe i should just knit until i run out of yarn :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 great reasons to get in bed and cuddle with yarn

1. yarn doesn't "poke" me
2. yarn doesn't snore
3. yarn doesn't talk back
4. yarn doesn't say "no" when i want S.E.X.
5. yarn doesn't stay up all night
6. yarn doesn't fart in bed...and then laugh
7. yarn doesn't fall asleep and leave the tv on
8. yarn doesn't steal covers
9. yarn doesn't make a "wet spot" ;-)
10. yarn doesn't talk in its sleep!!!

... this has been a QuietStorm production, dahling ...