Friday, July 09, 2004

waste yarn and other stuff i don't get

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i started making my first pair of mittens (christmas gift for a young cousin who's about 5-ish), and i've gotten to a part that i don't quite understand how to do. i've gotten past the cuff and thumb gore, now it's time to make the thumb hole.

the directions for the thumb hole:

- next round: K1, place on a piece of waste yarn (this is the first thing i don't get)
- with twisted M1 (i get how to do that), cast on 4 sts over the thumb hole. you will have 33 stitches. (HUH?)
- working in striped pattern, knit until mitten is finished length, less 6 rounds.
(how the heezy do i know?!)

what the feezy does all this mean? anyone? anyone? if you can help me make sense of this...PLEASE do!

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