Monday, October 10, 2005

i think it's true what they say about idle hands...

so i was sure to keep mine busy last week while on vacation! after a very fun, whirlwind trip to NYC, i came home and sat my butt in front of the computer for pretty much the rest of the week. i decided a while ago that i was itching to learn to do fair isle knitting, so that's precisely what i did. i pulled up a nifty video, got out some needles and yarn and off i went! it is not nearly as hard as i imagined it would be, once i learned what to do. i still don't quite have the hang of knitting with my right hand (i knit continental mostly), but that will just take a little bit of practice. all that's left to do is make an i-cord strap for it, and decide on a closure...i'm thinking a nice toggle button will do nicely.

next up...finishing my cabled hat!

see? i learned something on my vacation!

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  1. Now, that's a useful link. It is a very pretty bag, congratulations.


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