Sunday, November 27, 2005


okay so i cast on for a scarf for a dear friend (see below), knowing i didn't have enough noro kureyon to finish, but who knew that these color numbers aren't easily found?

specifically, i'm looking for Noro Kureyon in color #70 and/or color #3. one of each will be fine, or two of either. i checked in one LYS with no luck, and will check the others this week. i also checked ebay and turned up NOTHING! please don't tell me there's no hope!

thanks in advance. betcha this is the last time i start something
knowing i don't have enough yarn on-hand to finish.... if you can help, please send email to my comments function on this blog doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

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  1. Sorry about your Noro Scarf. It is coming out beautifully, and I hope that you can find the missing skein. Good Luck!


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