Sunday, February 12, 2006

rip it baby!

so yeah. i started my knitting olympics project today instead of yesterday, and had to rip it like 3 times already. the first time, i started the ribbing with k2 instead of p2 like the pattern said. rrriiiiipppp. the second time i didn't keep track of where i was in the pattern and got lost cuz i forgot that the chart i'm knitting from only shows odd-numbered rows. rrrriiiippppppp. the third time i didn't do my increases where i was supposed to do my increases. rrrrrrriiiiiipppppppppppp. damn and double damn.

so f*ck it. i put the needles down, turned the tv off and came to type up a quick blog entry before i take my tired ass to bed. shoulda just come home right after my 2pm massage and taken a nap, which was my original plan. when i wake up and decide to get out of bed tomorrow, i shall try again.


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