Wednesday, June 28, 2006

just call me 'the enabler'

so today, my coworker and i went to the french quarter to stroll around and see what we could see. unfortunately i don't have pictures yet but once i get 'em i'll be sure to put them here.

we went souvenir shopping at some little shop on decatur st. then we made our way to cafe du monde in the french market to eat some beignets. yum! if you're not familiar, these are square pieces of fried dough that are sprinkled (or more like dumped) with powdered sugar. soo freakin good. some places serve have them filled with fruit. they were hot and sweet and just delish! there's a painting in the restaurant that says "it seemed like an ordinary day until i had coffee with jesus at cafe du monde." hahaha i'm not a coffee drinker so in my mind i will substitute coffee for beignets.

after that we went to a cute little yarn shop called quarter stitch. i first heard about it a few years ago when i bought some yarn from a fellow blogger. i ended up buying a pair of cute knitting needes (the last thing in the world that i need...besides more yarn!). but the best part of it was that my coworker learned to knit!!!!!! we sat there for about 2 hours while she worked on her first project (a garter stitch scarf), and i wandered around petting yarn, ogling the pretty needles and chitchatting with fellow librarians who stopped in to shop. what fun!! she bought needles and some pretty green yarn (i think it's cotton twist), and as a matter of fact she's sitting here knitting now, and she's doing great! i feel like a proud mother hen :-)

that being said, i'm gonna go get my knitting while we watch "breakin" on dvd (y'all remember that movie? it's truly a blast from the past LOL).

next time i post, i'll be back home in good ol' columbus. i've enjoyed NOLA, but i'm really happy to be going home!

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  1. Anonymous8:23 AM GMT-5

    That sounds like so much fun! I'm definitely going to map out yarn shops next time I get to travel.

    And yeah, I remember Breakin'...I'm embarrassed to say, LOL. Wasn't the star's name Shabba-doo or something?


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