Thursday, February 15, 2007

my motto (well, one of them, anyway)

"never deny someone the opportunity to do something nice for you."

i read that years ago in some email forward and have tried hard to live by it. it's hard sometimes, cuz i can be a real proud lion (i'm a leo, ya know). but when one of my exes asked me for my work address so he could send me something for valentine's day, i obliged. first of all because i wanted to continue to uphold my motto and secondly because i'm a sucker for a gift or surprise (as long as it's good).

so in talking with this particular ex on tuesday afternoon, he let me know to expect a delivery at my office on v-day. i'm like, "well, um, i doubt i'll be at work tomorrow because of weather and all that." we got off the phone and he called me back later saying i should expect a delivery at home on v-day. okaaaaay. yesterday afternoon there was a knock at the door and a beautiful bouquet of flowers was handed to me. see?

it was a sweet gesture, and like i told him, "it's about damn time!" yeah i know it sounds mean but there's some history behind that. it's a long story.

turns out that he couldn't stop the original delivery that he set up to come to my office, or hell, maybe he chose not to, i don't know. but today i got these (please overlook my messy office):

i love flowers. and this year, not having a valentine was okay after all. especially since i think some chocolate covered strawberries may be en route to me too. ;-)

thank you. you know who you are.

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