Sunday, June 03, 2007

well i'll be damned.

i finished a blue bookmark today. cast on 20 (fingering weight yarn on US2 needles), knit for like 6 inches or so then decrease as you would if you were making one of those diagonal dishcloths ( bind off, add a tassel and ta-da! a quick, easy bookmark.

only problem: i forgot to take a pic of it before i gave it away. and i got a new (to me) digital camera today. DUH!!

the good thing is that i have another one on the needles, in a lovely lacy pattern. so as soon as i 1) get some more knitted so you can actually see the pattern and 2) learn how to download pics from the camera to my 'puter, i'll be posting a picture of the lacy loveliness.

happy sunday, er, monday, or whatever day it is.

that is CLEARLY my clue to go to bed.

g'night, sleep tight!

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  1. Anonymous1:06 PM GMT-5

    At least you Got the Cam! I hope to save up some money this year and get one! Buying at least 3 disposables a year can become costly!

    Take care~


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