Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TAG .... I'M IT!!

I was tagged by QueenLi

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1. i don't like chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake, but i LOVE real chocolate.

2. i count stairs when i walk up or down them. almost every time.

3. i like writing letters. no, not emails, actual hand-written letters. and i like getting them, too.

4. i reeeeeally don't like for fans to blow on me. ick! window fans, ceiling fans, even air conditioning.

5. i keep a list of the places in town that serve sweet tea. i swear i'm a southern girl in a yankee girl's body.

6. yogurt makes me gag. unless it has granola in it. but even then i can never eat a whole container of it. same thing with pudding. ick.

i'm tagging...








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