Tuesday, June 24, 2008

no camping after all

the camping trip was canceled due to rain in the forecast, and i'm kinda glad. on saturday it poured for a while in the afternoon and it got cold. that probably would have made for a l-o-n-g weekend.

but, we did get out and do plenty o' stuff all weekend:

we went for a nice long hike (about 6 or so miles) at blackhand gorge.

eric suggested that we pick up my nephews (ages 5 and almost 2) and take them to malabar farm. fun trip! we petted some goats, fed some chickens and turkeys, and saw some cows. here's a one of my favorite photos:

we were going to go to mohican state park, but it ended up raining (cutting our malabar trip a little short), and it got kinda cold so we decided to do that another time.

eric and i did some more hiking at prairie oaks metro park ... another 6 miles, give or take. it was a beautiful day (though a bit humid), and thankfully the rain held off. after that we went to a driving range and i spent a lot of time NOT hitting golf balls and not getting them very far when i did manage to hit 'em. but it was fun, and i posted a request on freecycle to see whether anyone had a set of ladies' golf clubs to get rid of. someone did, and i picked 'em up last night. they are right-hand clubs and i swing left but they were FREE and for that price it won't kill me to learn to swing the other way!

it was a good weekend overall, even without the camping. i decided to save my "camping trip socks" until i go on an actual camping trip. instead i finished up my red shortie socks and started another pair of socks out of this regia crazy colors yarn:

once again, i'm doing cat bordhi's basic sock pattern. i am a big fan of plain, ribbed crew socks and this pattern fits the bill!


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  1. Glad you still had a nice weekend. Cute pic!

    Bye, Amy


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