Sunday, July 06, 2008

i LOVE knitting socks

i almost always have socks on my needles lately. did i tell y'all how i want to be able to wear nothing but hand-knitted socks? yup. no factory-made socks for me, except for when i'm doing yardwork or something. so i've been knitting socks for myself. of course, some people just don't understand the pure joy of wearing socks that fit you perfectly. these are the folks who say stupid shit like, "why don't you just go buy some socks?" or something along those lines. but i won't let that get me down! i'll just keep knitting, just keep knitting. here's my latest:

the only problem that i'm having is that i'm going to run out of yarn. see, what had happened was, i didn't read the yarn label, which would have told me clear as day that i need 150g to make a pair of socks. well, duh, i only have 100g so i'm clearly going to run out of yarn. now, i thought about ripping the sock out and reknitting it with a shorter cuff/leg, but i don't wanna!!! so ... i'm going to do what any self-respecting yarn collector, er, i mean, knitter would do, i'm buying more yarn!! i'm buying one to finish the socks and 3 more so i can knit another pair. the plan is to knit most of my socks with the yarn i already have, until i get to the toes, which i will knit with the new yarn i'm buying. that way, the different dye lots won't be as visible, at least not when i'm wearing shoes with my socks. right? genius!

but now i'm going to watch some more of this L&O:CI marathon that's on USA. and maybe i'll eat some more chips & salsa. then maybe some more sock knitting :-)

later, taters!



  1. Awww look at the pretty sock! :)

    I hope you had a great July 4th weekend. ;)

    Take Care~

    someone explains the attraction of sock making.
    Now, I get it.

  3. Socks are addictive aren't they? I just finished a pair - my first for Summer of Socks 08 - and will be starting another pair tonigh.

  4. these look great. Good thing you didn't rip it out. I think it's a great leg length.

  5. I just received as a gift the sock knit book called " knitting circles around socks. I hate working with double points so my mom got me the book. I see you use the same technique. Is it easier to you to knit with circulars like this? I have been wondering before I start a pair. Funny I never seen this way before, soon as I got the book I have seen it everywhere!!!

  6. HAINAngel2000: I LOVE knitting socks on 2 circulars. I find it to be easier and smoother than double points. And 2 circs means that you don't have little pointy things sticking out all over the place. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

  7. Oh, I would also say that the book I learned from is Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles." I have seen the one you mention but I've never tried that particular method. That's the one that shows you how to knit 2 socks at one time using 2 circs, right?


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