Monday, October 20, 2008

everybody, meet tiger. tiger, meet everybody.

hi everyone,

i'm happy (and still a little shocked) to report that i have a new kitten!

i was out playing miniature golf yesterday with eric and a friend of his when this adorable little cat came over to us and said hi. poor thing is so thin from not eating and it broke our hearts so i brought him home with me. he looks to be well-taken care of aside from being hungry, but he's going to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. he's been eating, pooping and sleeping since we got him home yesterday afternoon, and is sooooo sweet! he's got tortoise-shell patterning (dark brown/black with some orange and blonde markings), and i keep saying it's a male but the vet says that most tortoise-shell cats are female. in any case, i've named him/her "tiger" -- cuz s/he is a FIGHTER! i couldn't bear to leave the poor kitty out in the cold, especially since it's been getting down into the 30s at night. so i'll keep feeding him, make sure he's all set with shots and everything, and pray that this is a cat that doesn't like yarn :-) otherwise i'm in BIG trouble and will have to keep the bedroom door closed since that's where most of the yarn is stashed!

the really funny thing about all this is that i never really expected to own a cat but it appears that the choice wasn't really mine. he has purred his way into my heart!

we're visiting the vet tomorrow so i'll keep y'all posted on whether tiger is male or female, how old, and whatever else i can find out!

ciao for now...


  1. Aww I hope Tiger checks out well. I really hope s/he doesn't get into the stash. :)

  2. Hello,
    Cutie. Only thing was that it made me think of this poor Lost Catposter I saw just last week next to the golf course (not mini, but outdoor golf). Looked so much like that.

    No chance you are in Massachusetts, is there? If so, please let me know.

    Happy Purrs to You! :o)

  3. Now I want to know what happened when you visited the vet! Don't just leave us hanging there.... we DO read your blog and we need to know!

  4. hana,

    no, i'm not in massachusetts, i'm in ohio.

    i hope the folks that lost their cat find her soon.



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