Monday, October 19, 2009

craft room pics

as promised, here are a couple pics of my craft room, which is FINALLY looking decent:

see the bins behind the chair? the top 4 are all sock yarn. seriously. it's a sickness, i know! the ones on the bottom are various things, including roving for spinning ... wheeeeee! the bins along the wall on the left are (mostly) organized by fiber and weight, though i had to make some exceptions for lack of space.

yup, all of my knitting/crochet books and patterns are in the bookcase on the right, and magazines are in the cabinet below. on top of the bookcases are some scrapbooking kits. inside the cabinets of the bookcase on the left side are DVD movies and exercise videos, all of which may find a new home at some point. the cabinets of the bookcase on the right contain magazines; mostly knitting and crocheting, but some women's health and weight watchers issues too.

wanna see what i made on saturday night?

sorry for the darkness of the photos, i had trouble getting the lighting just right. anyway, i bought some blank cards & envelopes and decided to experiment with my clear stamps and glitter to make some nice card sets. i'm thinking about offering stuff like this for sale on etsy at some point, once i improve my skills and whatnot. whaddya think?

i better get back to what i was doing. thanks for stopping by to see what i'm up to!



  1. Rani Jeannette4:29 PM GMT-5

    Yay, Eb!!! Looks like you're really getting organized. Just need some ART on the walls. Perhaps a big bulletin board where you can pin up your works in progress...kind of a revolving piece of art in and of itself.

  2. Jennifer C6:07 AM GMT-5

    Love the room, wish I had the space to do that as well. I agree some art on the walls would be great. Enjoy your space.

  3. Wow! You are my new role model!


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