Thursday, December 10, 2009

scarf progress -- on hold

that's how the XOXO cabled scarf is turning out ... much better than the previous version.  i decided to combine elements of 2 different patterns to get the effect i wanted.  but as much fun as this pattern is, i need to put it on hold for 2 reasons.

1.  there's still quite a bit of holiday-related knitting to work on (dishcloths, socks).  but more importantly:

folks,  the temp right now is about 19F with a high of 21F and it is very windy ... yesterday i think we had winds up to 60mph.  a few weeks ago i knitted myself a pair of regular mittens and generally they are fine ... except when it's this cold and this windy.  so this morning i pawed through my stash to find some wool yarn and roving that i can use and decided on noro kureyon and the roving is not merino, maybe it's shetland, i don't remember.  and i don't really care, so long as i end up with some mittens that will keep my fingers warm.  perhaps if i'd knitted my mittens at a tighter gauge, and if they were more than 50% wool they'd be better.  they will do for now since it's all i have but i need something warmer.  PDQ. 

and i also need to go get lunch before my 1:30pm meeting.  ciao for now.  stay warm!!!


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  1. Love the pattern, but all that counting and trying to keep track where you are, doesn't that make you crazy?

    Good luck with the weather, wind makes all the difference.



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