Thursday, February 25, 2010

What are your knitting quirks?

Here are some of mine!

  1. I hate using double pointed needles (and straights, too -- see item 3).
  2. I don’t like when people that I’m not close to say something like, “Knit me a sweater!!” My “nice” answer is, “No, but I’ll teach YOU how to knit so you can knit your own sweater.” The not-so-nice answer which I say to myself is, “HELL NO!!”
  3. Once I found the joy and beauty and elegance of knitting on circs, I dropped my straight needles like hot rocks. I keep them in vases in my office. They are a nice decoration, if nothing else.
  4. I love sock yarn and am trying my best to get as much of it as I can.
  5. I find that I navigate toward reds and pinks, especially lately. Everything I am currently knitting (well except one thing) is a shade of red or pink.
  6. I am learning to appreciate the gauge swatch.
  7. Addi Turbos are my favorite circs and I always buy them 2 at a time. I think right now I have 2 each in sizes 0-6.
  8. I can’t stand knitting with “novelty” yarns … ladders, ribbons, eyelash and all that other crap is not for me. At. All.  I'll use it on occasion but only if I have to!


  1. We must be knitting sisters. I hate straight needles and will only use circulars for everything. Once I learned to do magic loop I haven't touched a 16in circular for hats or socks. Now I have all these needles I don't use anymore.

  2. I have started to use circular needles for everything too. They fit my bag better and I don't have to be so worried about dropping stitches. I still use dpn's for socks and mittens, though.


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