Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's time ...

... to finally knit my husband a sweater.  I don't know if you all have heard of the sweater curse, which basically says a knitter shouldn't knit a sweater for his/her beloved until they are married, else  the loved one will break off the relationship shortly afterwards or before the sweater is even completed.  Not sure which would be worse!

Several months ago, I chose this pattern to knit for him. When I went to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet festival in February I bought the yarn to knit it.  I got Louet Riverstone yarn  in a lovely mossy green (to bring out his eyes!) and a pewter gray for the contrasting colorwork.  Did I bother with a swatch?  Nooooo!  I just cast on and started knitting. I'm making the smallest size, with a chest measurement of 41-3/4" -- his chest measures somewhere between 38-39 (he's a tall, slim fellow).  I asked him whether I should keep knitting as-is, or try to make it smaller.  He said to keep going, so keep going I shall.   I just started the colorwork (don't really have enough to warrant a photo yet), and so far all is well.  This will be my first sweater done in pieces, though the body is knitted in the round up to the arm holes.

So ... I'm going to earn some knitting time.  There are some household chores that need to get done, so off I go to do them and then sit down and knit on hubby's sweater for a while.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, don'tcha think?


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  1. The Spartan sweater is gorgeous. Good luck
    IM trying to visit all the blogs in DRT V today!


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