Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013 sweaters ... what's next?

No photos this time, because I'm not far enough along yet to show any real progress. But I'm cruising along on Julissa (Ravelry link!). Over the weekend I finished the raglan shaping, cast on stitches for the front, joined to knit in the round and have already started the waist shaping area.  I wonder if I can get this done by the end of January .... Which makes me think about which sweater to start next.

I pre-ordered Cooperative Press's Fresh Designs: Sweaters  book shortly before it was published, and man, I want to knit just about everything in there.  Right after I got my copies (yup, I bought one print copy and one digital copy), I went straight to Smith's and bought enough Malabrigo Rios yarn for this sweater:

It's got everything -- hood, pockets, extra long cuffs (optional), a figure-friendly silhouette. I can't WAIT to knit this one.  In a gorgeous blue color called Azul Profundo. See?

I will cast on this sweater in February, whether Julissa is finished or not. Because it will truly be "Everything Nice" -- and who doesn't need a little burst of color to get through winter in Ohio?

It's way past bedtime, folks.


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  1. Gorgeous color for sure, and right you are about winters in Ohio. Dang, the house hasn't even warm up enough yet that I can type without my fingers getting cold.


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