Monday, December 23, 2013

Where'd time go?

Time really MUST fly when you're having fun.  Or when you're just too busy to notice.

Holiday knitting is non-existent and I'm happy about that.  As always, I have a pair of socks on needles for my Mr., but there is a real good chance that they won't be finished in time for Christmas.  In fact, it's pretty positive that they won't be.  He will not be surprised to get them wrapped up, still on needles.  And he'll say something cute like, "Oh cool! You got me yarn!" And I'll say "Yes, and I'm not finished knitting into socks so I'll need those back!"

In other knitting news, I've finally got sleeves and body separated on Miranda.  And that red sweater vest?  I'm in the process of reclaiming the yarn.  I just .... don't love the process of knitting that anymore.  And it's been on needles for nearly 2 years.  I think that's long enough to figure out that it probably won't get finished.  I'd rather knit something else with that yarn, so I'm thinking about doing the Owls sweater by Kate Davies instead.  That one has been in my radar for years ... it's about time to actually cast on.

Photo is from Kate Davies' blog -- copyright is hers!

In related news, there is now a table set up in the "loft" area. This space is not exactly a room but more of an unused space upstairs at the front of our house. Don't worry, I'll post photos once it's all set up and ready.  One thing I know I will need is a self-healing mat for cutting fabric. The Mr. and I will maybe go shopping for that sometime in the next couple of weeks so that I'll have an idea of how much that stuff costs.  I SWEAR that in 2014 I will sew an actual wearable garment (likely a dress or skirt)!

Okay. I gotta get back to winding that yarn.  It's a gigantic headache to unravel but I've started so I must finish.

Bye for now, friends.  I hope your holiday season is merry and bright!!


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