Friday, March 07, 2014

Frog one, start one

So ...

You know those fingerless mitts I told you about last week?  Well ... shortly after I reclaimed that yarn and put it back in the stash, I pulled out some sock yarn and started those socks that I told you about.  See?

Tom and Ethel Socks by Nigel Pottle.
For my beloved Nana, whose name is Ethel :-)

I just love the color combination. It's bright and cheery and I think they will make my grandmother smile.  The original plan was to knit both socks at once, on one long needle. I tried that but it was pretty much a disaster.  Yarn got tangled and it was giving me a headache so I decided to knit one at a time. It's not my preferred method of sock knitting, but it will save me the trouble of untangling yarn which is so not my favorite thing to do.  I hope to get a lot of knitting done this weekend!

Maybe I'll knit for a while before I go to sleep ...


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