Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back to square 1

I am currently participating in a dishcloth swap, and recently finished this cloth.  It is done in linen stitch, and is crocheted from the center out.  It is one of my very favorite patterns for cloths and blanket squares.  You can get it online for free (thank you, Mary)!

Just for fun, I am also crocheting a matching kitchen towel, also using linen stitch, but made back & forth in rows, instead of in the round.  I'm a wee bit afraid that I will run out of yarn, though.  I'm debating whether to go to the store to track done some more of the same color, or accent with a complimentary color (which I may have enough of in my small stash of cotton yarns).  Decisions, decisions.  I do want to go to the store to pick up some more supplies for coloring so maybe I will just "look" and see what other cotton yarns are available.

Speaking of coloring, I've really gone down the rabbit hole on this adult coloring craze.  My favorite things to color are very creative swear words -- complete with flowers, hearts, cute animals, etc.  But here's a "clean" one that I'm working on, using Vaseline for some neat blending techniques!

 What are you all creating this week?


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  1. the dishcloth is very neat. making a matching towel is a good idea.


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