Sunday, April 03, 2016

I blew it.

So ...

You remember those hats I knitted for charity?  Well.  I was all set to send the hand knit goodies off in the mail this week, and went to the blog to look for the address to send to.  Aaaaannnnd while I was there I looked at the requirements for donations.  Aaaaaannnnnnd figured out that donated items should not be 100% wool.  So .... now I need to find something to do with the hats and scarf I knitted. Yes, I realize (now) that I should have looked this information up BEFORE I started knitting, but I think in my excitement to get started it slipped my mind.  I'm sure the internet will come to the rescue, and help me identify an organization that will accept my donation.  And in the meantime, I've done a bit of stash diving and found 2 balls of yarn that will be appropriate for the charity I originally chose:  The Bridge Project, which collects knit and crocheted items for the homeless in central Ohio. 

Now that my yarn room/art studio is cleaned up and organized, I'm going to get showered and go do a bit of shopping before I settle in for a little knitting!


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  1. there must be one organisation that will take them. don't be disheartened I have made similar mistakes. post pics of the latest'


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