Saturday, March 18, 2017

Well hello!

My apologies for being away for so long. Life has a way of getting in the way!

I've decided that during this current presidential administration, I'm going to knit pink pussyhats and give them away. So in recent days, I've made hats for my mom:

my friend Lisa:

and my friend Terry:

I am also making one for Lisa's 2-year-old daughter.  It's not quiiiiiiiite finished, but will be in just a few moments.  All that's left is to tuck in the ends.

Also, I had the pleasure of finishing this beautiful baby sweater:

Here's some background on that.  I have a friend, Brenda, who works with a woman named Melissa. When Melissa's mother passed away, Melissa gave Brenda her mother's knitting supplies which included this partially knitted baby sweater.  Melissa's daughter  recently had a baby girl, for whom Brenda had started knitting a sweater.  Brenda asked me whether a piece of the great-grandmother's knitting could be incorporated into the sweater that she was knitting for the new baby.  After looking at both sweaters, I deemed it wouldn't be possible to do a sweater "mash-up."  So I asked Brenda to let me have the partially knit sweater and I'd see where great-grandmother left off in the pattern, and that I'd let her know how to finish it.  As I was puzzling over piecing it together, I decided to just go ahead and finish it.  Isn't it precious?  I enjoyed knowing that the little bit of knitting I did will provide an heirloom for the family to treasure!

Maybe I am starting to get back into my knitting "groove."  I really do hope so.



  1. great to read you again
    the baby jacket is gorgeous

  2. I made a pink pussy hat for a friend also. I was out of town during the marches, and there wasn't one where I was going to be. She however was in a city that had a very successful march. She proudly wore my hat, and actually made the local news with it on. Awesome


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