Tuesday, April 13, 2004

knitting and knitting...

i started that london beanie for my brother, with the suggested needle size. got a few rounds of ribbing done and realized that the hat was TOO small to fit anyone but a young child. grrrr....so i cast on again with bigger needles but instead of dpns they were circs that were too long for my purposes. sheesh. i'm gonna get me a set of interchangeables. either boye needlemaster or denise interchangeables. i got 100+ pairs/sets of knitting needles and don't have the right stuff to make this blasted hat for my bro. bummer.

in other news i started the heel flap on this sock. or should i say "hell flap" LOL i was supposed to be making the "leg" part of the sock about 7-8" but got bored so i decided to quit at 6" and start the heel. this whole project is -really- just to get an idea of how to make a sock. although i imagine i will go ahead and make another one so i'll at least have a pair. i'll wear 'em around the house or something.

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