Thursday, April 08, 2004

going on the needles

my baby brother (well i'm the oldest of 5 so all my brothers are baby brothers) wants a london beanie. so i'm gonna make him two. one black, grey and white, the other brown, cream and tan. they should turn out pretty good! i'll post pix of my progress. now, i need to go check on the casserole that's in the oven!

* * *

alrighty then. casserole turned out great!

i tried several times to cast on for that london beanie i mentioned earlier. of all the hundreds of pairs of knitting needles i have, i DON'T have size 7 in either circular or double points. i tried doing it with size 8 plastic dpns but they're too long for my taste, and too slippery. so guess what i'll be buying tomorrow? size 7 in circ AND dp

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