Tuesday, May 31, 2005

gettin' clappy with it

what an enjoyable long weekend of knitting! i had to rip out that baby bonnet like 3 times but i'll give it another go tonight. i wondered why the lace pattern didn't look like it does in the magazine pic; DUH! that's because i kept repeating the set-up row rather than following the lace pattern that is printed before the actual pattern begins. that's what i get for not paying attention.


i made good progress on my clapotis this weekend. i found it difficult to see how much progress i was really making because of the way it's knit on the bias, and how it curls up on itself as you drop stitches. so i spread her out on the floor and my friend and i used our toes to keep her lying flat. pretty, huh?

yesterday, i got together with a couple of friends yesterday to make tarts. yes, dear reader, i'm practicing to be the black martha stewart! the crust has chopped walnuts kneaded into it. the custard was easy to make and quite tasty too! i had the most fun decorating them with fresh fruit -- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. i haven't eaten one yet (it was late by the time we were finished and i was too tired to eat one. hard to believe, i know. but it's true.)


  1. You didn't eat even ONE? wow - that's willpower I do not have. They look yummy! And I love clapotis - what yarn are you using?

  2. Your Clapotis looks great, almost as yummy as those tarts!


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