Sunday, May 22, 2005

sunday sunday

i was informed yesterday that i am no longer an "addicted knitter"!!! no WAY! i went on a long drive on friday night...took one of my best friends and her children to cleveland so they could take a train to baltimore, where her husband works. cleveland is a 2.5 hour drive, and i waited with them for their train to arrive. by the time i got home it was 430am. one of my online knitting friends said, "well at least you had yarn with you, right?" wrongo. no yarn. no needles. not even a pattern to look at. so that's how i got taken off the list :-) however i think i may have redeemed myself, since i took my knitting to a baseball game last night. ended up not knitting, and for that matter, we didn't even watch the game. BUT! i got to show off those beautiful bamboo needles with the elephants that a friend of mine had made just for me, and one of my friends asked me to teach her to knit!

this dear friend of mine who i took to cleveland...she's 6 months pregnant, which means i have just a little bit of time to decide what to make for the baby! from the library i borrowed one of the barbara walker treasuries (which i LOVE -- i have to get all of 'em!), and as a book by barbara aytes called "adventures in knitting". both have lovely patterns that i can use to make a beautiful blanket or something. i want something that's easy but still interesting. this is such a difficult decision...i can't make everything at once!

now...back to the laundry, last week's "house, md" episode, and maybe a little more knitting on clapotis!

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  1. Glad to see you posting again! Have you looked at the Baby Albert from The Knitting Experience? It's an easy project and the way it wraps around the baby, it looks like it'll fit for a long stretch of time. Of course that's if Mommy actually remembers where it is and puts it on him. Quinn's worn his once.


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