Saturday, July 23, 2005

baby sock #1 ... done!

how cute is this! it's in the same yarn as the baby hat i finished earlier this week (on a side note: it's HELL trying to kitchener with nubbly yarn. i betcha this is the last time i do THAT!!). later tonight i will cast on for the mate so as to avoid a case of second sock syndrome :-) once this pair is done i better go on ahead and finish clapotis, then get going on that other baby sweater and booties. my friend's baby girl is due to arrive in a month!


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM GMT-5

    Very cute sock, Eboni. Aren't baby socks fun? You are so right about that second sock syndrome. Great plan to get started right away on the second sock. For me, the starting is the hardest part. Once it is started, I'll get it done.

  2. I have a second sock to finish myself. the first one was finished, um, like months ago.


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