Wednesday, July 06, 2005

july already?!

wow. i have SO much knitting to do! i haven't touched my friend's clapotis in weeks. nor have i started on the sweater or booties for her baby girl, who is due to arrive around august 20. but i -did- start a hat to match the mostly-finished baby sweater that was in a box of yarn gifted to my by one of my knitting friends. my godsister just had a baby girl over the weekend so i would like to make something for her as well. not to mention the red scarf (which is a little more than halfway done!). my momma requested 6 dishcloths for her christmas present, those shouldn't take terribly long. i often wish that i was independently wealthy so that i could sit around and knit all day instead of working :-) i think tonight after work i'll get cozy and watch a couple episodes of the 4400 marathon that was on over the weekend. thank goodness for my DVR! either i'll watch that, or one of my other favorite shows, Law & Order: SVU, which is on from 7pm-12midnight.

in other news, my balcony garden is coming along nicely. i've got a couple of peppers that i want to hurry and ripen. the lavender has some new growth coming. i think i should maybe divide it but i'll have to read up and see what's the best time to do that. might have to wait until spring. over the weekend i used some of the flowers and buds to make lavender cookies. they were SO good ... if you have lavender, give these a try!


  1. I DID NOT KNOW that you could COOK with lavendar. ya learn something new everyday.

  2. Glad to read that the almost finished baby surprise sweater matched some yarn in your stash. Delighted that the sweater will end up on a baby!



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