Saturday, December 24, 2005

my solution to christmas knitting

okay so i was stressing out about how i was gonna get stuff knitted for everyone on my list and i came up with a solution. yesterday when i finished my SIL's scarf, i decided to STOP knitting gifts. turns out that i already knitted for the women (mom, grandmother, SIL), and i was baking cookies/fudge for the men (dad, brothers). so next year, i'll switch and knit for the guys, bake for the gals. i'm baking cookies now (well, sorta), and can knit for me in 7-minute blocks of time while cookies are in the oven. i am working on my clapotis scarf with noro...lovely stuff. also want to swatch (hell's frozen over, i tell ya!) for a sweater i'm going to start for myself next week. it's the zippered jacket from last winter's vogue knitting mag. it will be my first sweater and i can't wait!

well back to baking... it's a labor of love for sure, but i'm having a great time.

merry christmas eve!!

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