Sunday, December 25, 2005

perfect christmas in central ohio

my family has a tradition of opening gifts at midnight, which is great cuz it allows us all to sleep in on christmas day. we always have a fun time. every year the designated "santa" (this year it was momma) is the one that hands out the gifts one-by-one and we all wait to see what everyone got.

my grandmother loved the scarf i made for her out of disco yarn (THANKS MARY!!). when my brother took a picture of her wearing it, the flash on the camera really made the scarf sparkle. i made 6 dishcloths for my mom and she said they were so pretty she didn't want to use them. dad and brothers loved the fudge and chocolate chip cookies ... i guess the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach! my dad had read my blog though, so he knew what they were getting. never occurred to me that he'd actually read it!

tomorrow i'm going to brave the after-christmas madness to satisfy my need for a food processor, a new hand mixer (the one i have is older than me and really ready for the trash) and a set of cooling racks. funny how i never really realize how handy those things are until i'm in the middle of a baking frenzy. i'm planning to make chocolate chip cookies for my honey who will be here on friday (YAY!!), and i am also itching to use the cookie press that i bought last year and only used once. found an easy recipe in martha stewart's "everyday food" magazine for butter cookies that will be perfect for it. uh, yeah, like i really needed another magazine. but it's martha STEWART and well, i can't very well practice to be the Black Martha Stewart unless i read the magazines, right?

other than that today has been all about knitting and watching those law & order: SVU episodes from the marathon last sunday (or was it the sunday before last?). i recorded them and decided to watch them during this lovely week-long vacation. it's cool and rainy outside and a quiet sunday at home is just what santa's my christmas gift to myself (well that and those 2 lovely knitting books i just HAD to buy!).

enjoy what's left of this christmas day!

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