Sunday, September 17, 2006

big ol' box of loveliness

so, as a belated birthday present to myself i ordered the palette yarn sampler from knitpicks. it came yesterday, and just LOOK at it!

i'm not nearly ambitious enough to try the fair isle cardi yet (although i have been itching to knit fair isle), so i'm not sure what i will do with it. so for now i'll just look at it (without drooling on it!), and wait until the perfect project comes to me.



  1. Hey girl, you got me "drooling" on the blog-photo! What pretty colors!
    Come check out the new pics on my blog {from your help of course!} I have not sold my home {yet}.
    Take Care~

  2. dear mzundercover,
    glad to see ya' back on the scene. i feel ya' on the sampler. i am 2 seconds away from a the same purchase and i can't wait.

    stop by!



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