Monday, September 04, 2006

special gift

tomorrow afternoon, my baby brother is going off to college. the good think is that he will be close to home, only about 20 minutes away. last weekend he asked me if i would knit him a scarf. well of COURSE i will! he asked for a deep red yarn, and i chose red heart burgundy. i'd rather have chosen a nice merino or something. even though he does laundry very well, i think acrylic is the best choice! anyway, i agreed to knit him a lovely scarf and we made a deal that i could use any pattern i wanted. i have been dying to knit besotted. i cast on for it today and knitted just enough so that the X and O pattern showed up and i couldn't WAIT to snap a quick picture. wanna see it? here it go:

i don't know when i'll actually be finished with it, but i'm aiming to have it done by the time he comes home for winter break. i hope it's a nice little reminder of how much his big sister loves him!!

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  1. Really love that pattern & the color you're using is great. Thanks for the link.


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