Thursday, December 18, 2008

plans for 2009

last week i decided that 2009 will be the year that i actually DO some charity knitting and not just TALK about doing charity knitting. to facilitate this plan, i also decided that every friday will be dedicated to ONLY charity knitting. some of my knitting friends and i meet up for knitting on most fridays anyway, so i already have chunks of time set aside. by the end of this year i will identify and contact an organization who would like to receive hand knits. although i'm not opposed to doing this for a regional or national organization, i'd rather that this effort be directed to giving back on a local level. so far i'm interested in:
    Homeless Families Foundation: a family shelter in Columbus, Ohio which provides shelter and support services for homeless families and an extensive tutoring and enrichment program for homeless and at-risk school age children.

i'll keep y'all posted on other organizations that make my list, and which one i ultimately choose!


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