Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas crafting

as you all may remember, a few years ago i started a "tradition" of making dishcloths for my mom. earlier this year i had the bright idea of making cloths with a "snowflake" theme. so yeah, it's like 2 weeks until christmas and i've only got one cloth done. here it is:

i think this one is more doily-like but still very pretty. i wouldn't be surprised if this one never sees water! anyway, i'm working on another and would like to give her a set of 6 for christmas. think i can make the deadline? i live in hope!!



  1. It does look more like a doily. I would want to proudly display it instead of using it for a dishcloth.

    I have 3 hats to make for christmas. Do you know that I don't have one finished yet? *LOL*

    living on the edge

  2. I love the start of your uncle argyle scarf! The colors are a great combination!! I do hope you get back to it after the holidays. WOuld love to see your progress!


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