Saturday, April 25, 2009

a few updates

GEEZ!!! i didn't realize it had been so long since i posted! i'm back now, with a few updates to share.

1: i've been keeping my promise to knit/crochet for charity every week. i think i mentioned back in january that i chose to knit for the bridge project, which provides warm items for homeless people living under bridges in central ohio. i've sent a few hat & scarf sets to them. but if you go to the site you will see all the generous donations that have come in from around the country and around the world ... hand-made goods, socks, flannel jackets, money, etc. i'm really happy to be a part of the effort and look forward to sending more in the coming months. if you're so inclined, you might consider pitching in, too!

2: i found out that one of my local yarn shops accepts donations for babies at the OSU medical center, so i've been making hats for that effort too. i think that later this afternoon, i'll drop off the hats i've made so far. i have an errand to run that's right near the yarn shop!

3: i finally finished those mittens for my friend melody. it seems that as of a couple weeks ago, anyway, spring hadn't yet arrived in chicago. i'm happy to do what little i could to make sure my girl's hands don't freeze while chicago waits to thaw out :-)

don't those look great! i GOTTA make some for myself. but not until after i make some for my brother. he's a delivery guy and in the winter, his hands get cold. but big sis will fix that for this coming winter, i promise!

4: okay so some of y'all might know that i've been absolutely JONESIN' for some laceweight malabrigo yarn. i finally got some on thursday, and last night (after i finished a baby hat for charity) i finally cast on and started knitting myself a clapotis!! i'm using a color called "little lovely" and trust me, it is lovely, indeed. i'm using what feel like teeny tiny needles, around size 1 i think. seems like it will take me forever to knit this but i swear it will be worth every single stitch! see for yourself:

sorry for the bit of blurriness but that's the best i could do! the yarn is freakin' fantastically soft and light but tiny! guess it's not a laceweight yarn for nothin'! when i get a bit more finished i'll measure and let y'all know my gauge. some of my knitting pals were teasing me last night that i'll be an old lady before it's finished but in the spirit of "finding nemo" i'm gonna "just keep knitting, just keep knitting" and i'll have a lovely scarf soon enough. they'll all be jealous!!!

5: i totally forgot to post about the very fun sticks -n- stitches event i attended a couple months ago with some of my friends. so much fun! here's a photo of us:

okay, i think that's about all i got for now. it's time to head out and enjoy the sunshine. temps will be near 90 and sunny today so i'm gonna channel my girl sheryl crow and go "soak up the sun." ciao for now!!



  1. Trying to visit all the Bridge team members to say...hey come take a look and see how we're doing/did. Weather here's been cold and wet several days; but the folks under the bridge are getting some relief, as we are having some nice spring days too.


    The mittens turned out wonder, she was thrilled I know. Hey which local yarn shop do you drop off hats for the hospitals? I'm interesting, could save me some money mailing so much?

  2. We've hit a milestone over at the bridge, swing by and take a look.

    How's your teeny tiny yarn project coming along?



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