Wednesday, July 15, 2009

back from the abyss

i have so many things that i want to talk about right now, i hardly know where to begin. so i will start with the fact that one morning earlier this week, i woke up with a crazy urge to pick up spinning again. nevermind that it's been AGES since i even -thought- about my spindles, or that the last time i looked at roving was to make thrums for mittens. the urge to spin was kinda strong so i decided that i'm gonna just go with it. last night my plan for today was to come home from work, give myself a much-needed and long-overdue pedicure then practice spinning for 15-20 mins. THAT didn't work out, only because I ended up hanging out with a friend of mine, who, after i told her my plan to learn to spin, said that she had some fiber that i could have. so i high-tailed it over to her place! i didn't intend to stay long, but i ended up staying for 3 hours. we had some good, quality chit-chat and knitting and i'm very happy for an impromptu mid-week gathering with a friend.

so, i came home and went pawing through my stash to find my spindle and some roving. lo and behold! i found that there was still some yarn -- if you can call it that -- on my spindle from the last time i tried spinning [i'd post a photo here but the camera batteries are dead]. i also have about 1oz of undyed merino that i can use for practice. SCORE!! i read somewhere that it takes about 1lb of fiber to really get the hang of spinning, so i will have to add to my fiber stash for sure.

i've been listening to podcasts lately, especially while doing housework -- dishes, ironing, cooking etc. nevermind that i have over 800 un-listened-to podcast episodes in my ipod!! my current favorite knitting-related podcasts are:

feel free to share some of your favorite podcasts -- i'm always looking for something new to listen to!

ZOINKS!!! it's past midnight and i best get to bed. i will update soon with my spinning progress ... can't wait!

ciao for now...


  1. I am a big fan of Stash and Burn, Cast On and Sticks & String. :)

  2. Yay! You like us!

    I also am a big fan of:

    Stitch It!
    Brass Needles
    Gives Good Knit
    KIPing it Real


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