Friday, July 17, 2009

my first handspun

I DID IT!!! i can spin! to make a long story short ... i already told y'all about my intense desire to spin lately, which kinda came outta the blue. yesterday i went to a LYS -- the one closest to work -- and started to practice some more. amy, who was working there at the time, got me going and gave me some tips. she even pulled out one of her spindles and spun for a while too! i only had about an hour but before i left she helped me wind my yarn into a skein and told me what i needed to do in order to "set the twist." i went home after work and did what she said and today i have a wee little skein of my own handspun yarn. YAY!!!!

interestingly, she noted that i spin my spindle counterclockwise. that's good to know so that when i get up to plying i'll be sure to spin clockwise so that my plies twist together properly. i'm so stoked about this new "obsession!"

that's all for now, just wanted to share :-) happy friday, everyone...



  1. YAY for first handspun! I can't wait to see more!

  2. YEA!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Very cool, congrats on the learning...we must keep at stuff, keep the gray matter working. lol

    Pop in, see some changes on the page,
    check our goals, read about special summer needs, and it get's lonely when no one visits.

    bridge and beyond

  4. Hi there! Long time no hear from?!

    I just wanted to drop a line, to let you know that things are fine. Not trying to rhyme, but all is getting better in AUG.

    Take care~

  5. Whoopie!
    You're gonna love the whole spinning thing--been able to do any more?


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