Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 sweaters redux

I've updated my queue of possibilities for the 12 sweaters in 2012 challenge.  This updated queue (Rav link!) includes at least one sweater for every letter of the alphabet.  Come join us!  Sweaters of any size count (adult, children, babies, even pets!) and so do works in progress.  The idea is to *finish* 12 sweaters.  If they're already started, then all the better!  Some of the group members are challenging themselves to start AND finish 12 sweaters in the year.

As of now I'm still working on my husband's pullover, and recently had a bright idea.  The sweater is knitted in the round from the bottom hem up to the armholes, and then the front and back are knitted flat and seamed at the shoulders.  The sleeves are to be knitted up from the cuff to the armholes, then attached to the body of the sweater.  My idea is ... why not pick up the stitches around the armholes then knit, in the round, down to the cuffs?  Since this appears to be a regular drop-shoulder sweater, I think it should work fine, and allow me to finish my beloved's sweater faster :-)

But first, I'm lengthening the sleeves -- just a bit -- on  my Shalom cardigan.   I wore it a couple of times last week and felt the sleeves were just a wee bit too short for my taste.  I noticed the first time that I wore it that I had dropped a stitch on the cuff  of the right sleeve (which I secured with a stitch marker so it didn't unravel), so since I had to fix that anyway, it made sense to lengthen the sleeves too.  So last night I took apart the cuff and ripped back to where I started the twisted rib and knitted 1.5" in stockinette.  Now to finish up the twisted rib and garter stitch edging on the cuff, try it on, and then do the other sleeve.  Easy peasy!

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