Saturday, December 10, 2011

2012 is the year of the sweater


I currently have 2 sweaters on my needles.  One for my husband which I wrote about in my last post (and have made significant progress on) and one for myself (which needs a left sleeve before I can call it done).  While stalking Ravelry recently -- in my constant quest for new patterns to use up some of my kind of ridiculous stash -- I got hip to a group called 12 Sweaters in 2012.  The group is exactly what it sounds like -- a group of people who are challenging themselves to knit 12 sweaters next year.  You don't have to be a math wiz to figure out that that is 1 sweater per month.  Insanity.  In-san-i-ty.  And guess what else?  I have enthusiastically joined the group.  Not only that, I've made a queue of all of the yarn and patterns that I've paired up over the past year which have just been sitting around waiting to be knitted up.

True story.  I couldn't make this up.  

Currently my list has 17 potential sweaters and vests on it.  Have a look for yourself but keep in mind that most of the links below are Ravelry links.  They're listed in alphabetical order.

I know this sounds ridiculous and over-ambitious, but there are methods to my madness, really.  First of all, even if I don't get all 12 sweaters finished, I will have more hand-knit sweaters in my wardrobe than I do now, which is only two!  Secondly, These will stretch my knitting skills because most of them require me to learn new skills, such as steeking, colorwork in an entire garment, installing zippers, clever construction, etc. Some, like February Lady, are just grown-up sizes of the same sweaters that I've knitted for babies and therefore won't require me to learn anything new but will be satisfying nonetheless. Most of the patterns I've chosen use worsted or aran weight yarn, with the exception of the Corrie Fair Isle Vest, which is made with fingering weight.  Skinny yarn AND all-over colorwork ... yay!  

If my husband's sweater isn't finished by January then it will be my first finished sweater of the year but aside from that 2012 will also be the year of selfish knitting.  No doubt that a gift item or two might also get finished during the year.  After all I'm knitting the never-ending socks for my brother and a cable-intense scarf for one of my BFFs.  

There may also be some other knitting-related "resolutions" on my list for next year but this 12 sweaters thing is really the biggest and most ambitious.  

And since I haven't knitted a stitch today, maybe I'll step away from the computer and knit for a while before I zonk out for the night.

Ciao for now!



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